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Through the foundation of our Intent; Aims, Curriculum Drivers, Ethos and Belief and Core Values, teaching staff use an array of interventions that suit individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Learning Disabilities, Sensory difficulties and Complex needs. These include familiar routines, structure, visual aids, a broad and balanced curriculum and strategies relating to research or therapy advice that will benefit learning and pedagogy.

Staff promote a whole school nurturing approach with the flexibility to support different levels of maturity and needs. Teaching involves Our Reflective Approach to Pedagogy and Curriculum design. We utilise a multi-systemic therapeutic offer where a number of therapies are applied alongside each other, ranging in type and intensity. As well as a therapeutic delivery, staff carefully and creatively plan whilst taking advantage of the visually rich environment that embellishes Overley Hall, both inside and out.

Sensory needs are met through individualised classrooms, with access to environments with less stimuli to reduce arousal levels, which in all, enable a learning journey to ensure each young person can reach their full potential. Teaching and learning embraces safety, acceptance, engagement and confidence to make connections and advance knowledge towards a greater depth of understanding.

This journey involves navigating sequential curriculum maps, which highlight deeper pathways of knowledge. Teaching involves making connections with previous learning; offering real life experiences; increasing levels of independence through repetitious teaching strategies; generalising content across different contexts; and using a Continuum of learning to develop engagement, knowledge and skills; this being the foundation to our assessment design.

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