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Overley Hall School & Sixth Form

Overley Hall School

Overley Hall School is an independent special school for children aged 8 to 19 many of whom reside onsite, at Wellingtonia Children’s Home, from anything between 39 & 52 weeks of the year. We also offer education-only day placements. Overley Hall School provides education for up to twenty-four children and young people from across many authorities nationwide.

We cater for children with complex needs associated with learning difficulties, autism, communication, social conditions and other diagnoses. Many of our pupils have additional needs linked to symptoms of attachment and trauma. Unlike mainstream, our staff to pupil ratio is high with many of our children having 1:1 staffing.

We recognise the vulnerability of all children with or without learning disabilities, however the vulnerability of our pupils are increased due to their cognitive deficits, and social communication and language difficulties.

We are very proud of our school and the achievements of our children. We are committed to providing the best possible opportunities for each and every child and to help prepare them for their future life as adults. Our long term goal is for our children to grow into young adults who can live as independently as possible, lead a life which has meaning and be able to live and work as part of the community. Our school is warm and nurturing with a strong sense of ‘family’. The children respond well to the therapeutic delivery and our person centred approach. We recognise that children learn more when they feel safe and are having fun. We endeavour to encourage playfulness, curiosity and independent thinking throughout.

We recognise and acknowledge the uniqueness of our children. We believe that all will achieve so we plan sequenced learning opportunities, building on prior knowledge and celebrating tiny steps of progress. This, over time, culminates in a deeper understanding. Our very special team of staff strive for excellence through having clear intent and focussed implementation of the curriculum.

We believe in identifying and using the strengths, interests and aspirations of our children to bring about the best possible outcomes. We are proud of the integrated approach offered here at school. This provides our children with specialist support and develops their emotional wellbeing, attention skills, communication and social understanding, all helping to reduce individual barriers to learning.

Our dedicated therapy team are committed to working directly with children and sharing their strategies with others to incorporate into their everyday practices. This amplifies children’s progression over time.

I would also like to draw your attention to our bespoke sixth form led by Head of Sixth Form, Dee Marshall. Our students continue to develop their records of achievement with particular focus on developing their vocational skills and life and living skills, supporting their transition to adulthood. Learning becomes very much focussed on real life scenarios, most of which takes place in the wider community.

I am very proud to lead such a dedicated and passionate team and feel very lucky to offer our children such a beautiful and stimulating environment to grow in.

We strongly believe in working in partnership with parents, family and carers and so operate an open door policy in school. Close contact is valued, we therefore run a busy schedule of social events to actively involve parents and carers. Families can enjoy quality time with their children, having fun in a familiar setting.

I hope you enjoy reading about our very special school.

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