Welcome to Overley Hall School

Overley Hall School in Shropshire is an independent, residential special school and children’s home. We provide education and care for children and young adults aged from eight to nineteen years who have a range of complex needs, including autism and learning disabilities.

We are dedicated to offering every student a wide variety of good quality experiences, through which we nurture each individual’s progress towards their personal potential and level of independence. This is done through the delivery of a specialised waking day curriculum and in close partnerships with parents, carers and a range of professionals.

Overley Hall’s main residential school and home site is registered for twenty two children and young adults. Our approach is to keep class and home groups small with the aim of sensitively accommodating young people who have a range of complex needs. Some of whom found larger schools and class groups challenging or overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing a calm environment, high staffing ratios and a consistent approach across the school and home settings in order to support every individual to develop and thrive. We assist all students to acquire a range of skills and to safely access a variety of experiences, both on site and in the wider community. This is done in order to encourage each young person to fulfil their own potential and to enjoy life.


Overley Hall School was established in 1980 by co-principals/ husband and wife, Anita and Paul Brown; both from special education teaching backgrounds. They purchased the building from the RNIB who ran a ‘Sunshine Home’ for children with visual impairments there from 1950 to 1979.

The independent school/home was established to provide a specialised, residential learning and living environment for children and young people who have a range of complex needs in a peaceful rural setting.

Co-founder Paul Brown died in 2008 and Anita Brown remains the independent proprietor actively involved in the running of Overley Hall, alongside the school’s senior management team.

Mrs B - Photo

Anita Brown – Proprietor

I would like to welcome you to the Overley Hall School website.

Here I am 50 years later, still involved in special education, having been told as a young teacher that I couldn’t have special education training because if I got married I would be: “a waste to teaching”. Not true. Luckily, I had a forward looking tutor who pushed through my application.

I’ve been involved in many aspects of education  from play groups to secondary special education for many years and managed to fit in 5 years as a teacher overseas in a Bermuda Special School.

Overley Hall School was set up by my husband and myself in the early 1980s and I am proud to say that the school and home have gone from strength to strength.

We provide education and residential care for 22 pupils all with complex needs and learning difficulties. We pride ourselves on our friendly and calming atmosphere and for children in our care a small and nurturing environment is the ideal.

I hope our website gives you an idea of our special ethos.


Overley Hall staff are proud and committed to working together with students, parents and professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people. Through a committed and person-centred approach we can help reduce the barriers to learning, raise self-esteem, nurture aspiration and support active engagement in a curriculum for life.

Policies, Procedures and Statement of Purpose

To download a selection of our core policies and procedures please go to our Documents page

In addition, all of our policies are available on request from the main school office in digital or print format.