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Successful students will leave Overley Hall School better equipped to transition to their next destination and able to use a more ‘functional level of communication’ across a variety of contexts and settings.

Gained skills will include being able to make choices and recognise and express feelings or needs. They will have achieved individually outstanding progress from their starting points.

Having felt what it means to thrive and to be successful, pupils will also be more confident, self-aware, content and proud of who they are.

Whether academic or more practical, pupils will have a wealth of experience being kind, safe, friendly and positively interacting with others.

As well as tolerating and being more accepting of differences, they will achieve greater self-control by using achievable strategies to regulate their emotions, think more independently and solve problems with reduced reliance on others.

The young people will be able to cope with unexpected change and make transitions both large and small with minimal support. They may engage in work experience based activities centred around their interests and strengths, giving joint attention and be willing to function as part of a team.

Finally, the pupils will be ready to live a more meaningful and productive life where they can positively contribute to society, making fulfilling contributions to their local community and endeavoring to reach their full potential.

We aim for all young people to move on as respectful, skillful, ambitious citizens with a love or thirst for learning about life and all that it has to offer.

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