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At Overley Hall School, the belief that our curriculum is about meeting each learner at their unique starting point and enabling them to enjoy the building of their knowledge and skills to achieve their full potential is paramount.

Through our Core Values, Curriculum drivers, Ethos and Belief, we foster an environment where the emotional, physical, sensory, academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each person is respected and developed.

A foundation of research based practice steers our seamless curriculum to empower individuals to flourish whilst reducing learning barriers and maximising learning opportunities as well as embracing their interests, abilities and strengths.

To complement our Ethos, the holistic Curriculum Offer has been organised around the ‘Broad areas of need’ (DFE 2015). These have become the foundation for organising the Pathway for Progression. Sequential learning steps are highlighted within Curriculum Maps which relate to subjects and personal development enabling a greater depth of knowledge, skills and understanding.

As well as clear building blocks, great emphasis is placed around the combination of Literacy and Communication, to secure the holistic offer whilst diminishing barriers to learning so that end points can be met. Ultimately our curriculum offer, ethos, values and aims are considered essential for advancing confidence, character, resilience, strength, self-esteem and every day functioning so the young people will be ready and able to function with a greater level of independence, whilst accessing an ever changing, complex society in adult life.

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