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General Information

Classroom Groupings

Students are currently grouped into one of six groups ranging from one to five students. Overley Hall School caters for twenty two residential children with an additional two placements for children who require day time provision only. We are small and this enables us opportunity to be bespoke and truly person centred. Our class groups are named after the trees found in our grounds.

Our Class groups and their tutors

When deciding upon a group for a child, factors such as chronological age, cognitive ability, social communication skills, language skills and emotional wellbeing are taken into consideration as well as availability.  We try hard to give all of our students the maximum opportunity to work in a peer group that provides stimulation, appropriate challenges, social integration, acceptance, wellbeing and friendship.

Day Time Structure

For those learners who struggle with ‘transition’, we will support these children by allowing them to come into school earlier and leave later to reduce their anxiety brought about by being around a lot of people and in busy areas. We will also provide them with additional time for movement in and out of school.

School Uniform

Overley Hall School respects the needs of the child and would not impose any clothing that causes distress or anxiety. However, for those who benefit from wearing a uniform there is one available. We have designed polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and coats, all with our school logo.

A price list is available upon request. 

Requesting Leave of Absence during Term Time

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