We aim for all young people to move on as respectful, skilful, ambitious citizens with a love or thirst for learning, loving life and all it has to offer.


Our aims include:

  • Being on a journey to achieve outstanding end points, reducing anxiety and enabling key life skills across different curricular areas.
  • Being better equipped for their next destination while being able to use a more ‘functional level of communication’ across different contexts and settings.
  • Having a tool box of communication that enables choice, expression, emotional development, personal awareness and a greater level of understanding around right and wrong.
  • Offering achievable strategies to regulate emotion, think more independently and solve problems with reduced reliance on others.
  • Having extensive opportunities to build resilience, tolerance, being more accepting of differences and to achieve greater harmony.
  • Knowing what it feels like to thrive, becoming more confident, self-aware, content and proud of who they are, promoting a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Having a wealth of opportunities for positive interaction, being kind, safe and friendly with others.
  • A curriculum ensuring equal access, meeting each learner at their unique starting point and enabling appropriate levels of challenge and support, building knowledge and skills to reach full potential.
  • Learning to be able to manage unexpected change and make transitions both small and large with minimal support.
  • Engaging in work experience based activities, centred around interests and strengths, giving joint attention with more willingness to function as part of a team.
  • Providing knowledge, resilience and cultural capital, towards living a more meaningful and productive life, positively contributing to society, making fulfilling contributions within our local community and endeavouring to reach maximum potential.
  • An environment where the emotional, physical, sensory, academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each person is respected and developed.
  • Respecting how academic opportunities can lead to greater technical and vocational development towards future learning, digital citizenship and employment.
  • Using a broad and balanced curriculum with sequential pathways of knowledge and skills relating to subject disciplines and personal development to guide progress towards individual end points.

Core Values

Our curriculum has been carefully planned and designed to be relevant and motivating; a curriculum with clear intent and maximum impact.

Ethos and Belief

At Overley Hall School, our Ethos and Belief is to encourage:

  • Total unconditional acceptance and positive regard.
  • Integrated approaches, where people work together in a ‘partnership of care’ (Carpenter et al, 2015).
  • Professional curiosity and a culture of safeguarding.
  • Individuality; promoting and respecting the ‘voice’ of all.
  • Transparency where the culture of sharing information is welcomed, valued and constructively challenged using a solution focused approach.
  • Trustful partnerships of care working with best interest at the heart of decisions.
  • The development of a ‘can do’ culture; where focus is about what learners can do as opposed to what they ‘can’t do’.
  • The use of neuroscience to inform learning pathways and strategies so achievements can be embraced.
  • Personalised learning with ‘engagement’ as a fundamental requirement and the creation of a ‘finding out’ culture.
  • Individualised learning which is tailored to outcomes helping prepare learners for their next stages of life.
  • Curriculum planning that is driven and shaped by long and short term outcomes addressed through Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and personalised strategies.
  • Educators to be innovators, enabling flexibility to adjust and enhance learning.
  • Responsive pedagogy to enable a personalised approach to transform life chances, whilst navigating the routes to learning (Hargreaves, 2006). 
  • Ambitiously working towards creating happy and fulfilled individuals through an increased focus on life outcomes to provide ‘the springboard to life’ (DFE, 2015 and Carpenter et al, 2015).
  • Implementation, driven through understanding and acceptance of our Intent with the inclusion of Curriculum Drivers as a vehicle that enables greater Impact.


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