Training and Professional Development

New staff starting work in school are provided with an Induction Programme which includes the following mandatory training:

  • Safeguarding children and children protection
  • Health and safety
  • Fire and emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Code of Conduct
  • GDPR
  • National Curriculum documents
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan Documents (PSP)
  • Staff Handbook (If there is one)
  • Visitors Policy and Procedure
  • School Brochure (If there is one)
  • Policy documents, including School Improvement/Development plan
  • Support with developing schemes of work,
  • Assessment advice (CPG), recording, reporting, resources and procedures,
  • Class and set lists, school information
  • Information on whole school and year group resources, including ICT
  • Timetables and One page learner profiles
  • SEN information LAC/CIC/CIN
  • Information linked to ethos, mission statement, prospectus
  • Curriculum Map and where to find key information linked to the curriculum
  • Details of Pupils especially any specific care needs
  • Pupil’s IEPs and EHCPs and how to access relevant data/information of pupils
  • A copy of their job description
  • Teachers names and corresponding classes


All staff will also receive specialist training by out Therapy Team which includes the following:  

  • Introduction to Communication training
  • Autism Training
  • SPELL training (Structure, Positive, Empathy, Low arousal and Links)
  • Talking Mats training
  • Elklan Training
  • Total training package for verbal pupils with ASD
  • Total training package for pupils with AAC
  • Total training package for pupils with SLD
  • Total training package for pupils with complex needs
  • Total training package for 5-11’s
  • Sensory Integration Awareness training
  • Attachment Awareness
  • PDA Awareness (Pathological Demand Avoidance)
  • OCD Awareness (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • PACE Awareness (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy)  
  • Comic strip conversations and Social Stories
  • AAC Training (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)  
  • Attention Autism
  • Principles of Theraplay and Attachment in play


Additional Specialist Training that may be offered could include:

  • Theraplay Level 1
  • Nurture Group
  • Comic Strip conversation and Social Stories
  • DOL’s
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation
  • Lego therapy
  • Attachment theory
  • ACE training
  • Training in various attachment and trauma
  • Level 4 Award in Education and Training.
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Higher level Autism Training
  • Training around cochlear implants
  • Elklan – Licensed trainer
  • Talking Mats – Licensed trainer
  • SPELL training – Licenced trainer
  • Eating difficulties or disorders
  • IOSH Training