Views of Wellingtonia

Each time we visit the home we are so well looked after! The grounds are amazing and you never leave hungry! 5 star in all areas!


“We started looking at residential placements that specialise in complex autism after there was nowhere in our Local authority to meet our Sons need and it was felt a 24 hr needs approach would be the most supportive for him as he was experiencing an emotional and wellbeing crisis situation. We looked at many places and when we visited Overley & Wellingtonia we were sure their approach would be so therapeutic for him and it didn’t take long for us to request a placement.

Our Son is now in his 4th year here. It was the hardest decision to make but it has been the right one. He has blossomed and from his first few days has been able to be in a class with peers and live in a family room with peers which is amazing. The staff are always keen to engage him in new activities and work using his interests to motivate him. Wellingtonia has wonderful calm woodland, open space, gardens, they grow fruit and veg and have a soft play area. It is its own oasis.  He is always out and about in the surrounding area on walks, visits or activities to help him with his social skills. He is supported at all times and is learning basic living skills and we are so proud of him and thank the staff for all they have helped him achieve so far.  Staff are always keen to feedback on his day and to ask us for help in solving any issues he may have. We feel we are still a major part of his life and not isolated from him at all which is of great importance to him and us. He is very happy here and that speaks volumes”.


Those who work directly with my child in both the residential and the school keep me updated by phone on how my child is and what they have been doing; this is reassuring to us.


“Our son has very complex and significant needs. He attended our local special school up until the age of 9, however, when various professionals confirmed our view that our boy required a waking day curriculum, we knew that we had to find a very special educational setting for our special boy.

He started at Overley Hall 2018 and we have not looked back! The difference in his behaviour, health and well-being is immeasurable. Our boy now attends school on the same site where he lives thus minimalizing the transitions which he struggles so very much with. His bedroom has stunning views over the Wrekin and the beautiful Overley grounds.

He now receives an all-encompassing education 24 hours a day and receives the therapy onsite that he needs. The opportunities that Overley have given our boy are amazing. He benefits from frequent excursions and weekly enrichment days out. We even managed to join the care team and management for a holiday to Disneyland Paris with other families, which was incredible!

We visit regularly and the staff always make us feel welcome. He sometimes comes home for the weekend and when all of our families see our son, they remark how much happier and calmer he is”.

To have your son live away from home at such a young age is heart-breaking to us, however, the staff at Overley have been nothing but supportive and empathic. We are very grateful to their dedication to our son and allowing him to receive the education he needs and deserves.


I just wanted to say it has been great to have worked alongside you both for the past two years. I do hope you both achieve the Outstanding you deserve and carry on with the great work you have been doing.

External Professional

Moving our children to Overley Hall/Wellingtonia in 2016 was the best decision we have made for our family. They have thrived in the therapeutic, holistic and child centered environment that Overley Hall/Wellingtonia have created. It is a bubble of kindness, care and compassion with a can do attitude fostered in the competency of the highly trained and specialist staff team, led by management with an open door policy, transparency and outstanding communication. Overley Hall/Wellingtonia is a wonderful and unique place where the children and young people come first in everything that they do. Our children have had their lives enhanced more than we thought possible whilst being at Overley, and have the best foundations to move on into supported living. We cannot recommend Overley high enough if you are having to make this decision for your family.