Great place to be!

I worked at Overley for a long time. I must say that it’s a wonderful place to work. Staff are friendly and management are approachable. Supporting young people with complex needs is always going to have challenges but it’s down to the great staff that help them get through these. There’s always going to be staffing issues but whilst I was there, these were always resolved quickly. Would not hesitate working there again if I got the chance.


I love working here it’s the best job in care I’ve ever had, as far as child centred working and therapeutic working goes it’s definitely the best around, and I’ve worked in a few. All of the young people here have made a vast amount of progress in so many areas since being here and they have so many opportunities. The management are supportive and all they want to do is put the children first and work to value and develop the staff that they have it can be difficult some days but that’s what we’re here for, it’s mostly just rewarding. If you want a job looking after children with complex needs then I would 100% recommend Overley.

Great prospects

I have worked at Overley for 12 years and have had 3 different roles, being promoted by the management team. There are great opportunities to take the young people out and to take part in great activities i.e Disneyland, camping experiences, theme parks, swimming, beach trips, horse riding etc. The job can be difficult at times due to long working hours during school holidays but it is extremely rewarding as you help the young people to develop their self-skills. The training is phenomenal, i.e I have just completed my Level 5 Diploma, I am also Lego Therapy and Theraplay trained. There are many other courses, management will always look to get all of the staff on the relevant training. The management team are extremely approachable and willing to help wherever possible. The school and the care side have developed a positive working relationship working towards the individual goals for the young people. The new staff seem to be getting on really well and it is great to hear some of their new ideas. The whole staff team’s feelings and input are always taken into consideration. Overall, Overley is a challenging but rewarding job opportunity for anyone. I hope to work at Overley for another 12 years.

Productive and welcoming place of work

Working at Overley hall is fast-paced and difficult at times however it is such a rewarding place to work. The young people we care for have such amazing strengths and qualities and all the staff work well together to ensure the young people are cared for to a high quality and have a fun and enjoyable life. The commitment is high at Overley with the management team offering constant support and advice. You are given good amount of holiday as well as having good competitive rates of pay. The hardest part of the job would probably be long hours which are expected when working in a residential home. The most enjoyable part of the job is supporting all of the young people and learning so much in training. I have received a lot of training since starting at Overley 2 years ago. I have completed my Level 3 diploma in residential childcare and also many relevant training certificates to improve my knowledge such as Autism training, safeguarding, child protection etc. The team at Overley are hardworking and are inclusive of all staff members. The seniors at Overley Hall work hard to ensure that all support workers are up to date with training and feel supported at all times. The new management team have really put the staff team’s concerns or worries at the forefront of their management and are working with the whole establishment to ensure that all the staff are well looked after as well as the young people. Recently my sister started at Overley too after recommending it as a great place to work. She has settled in amazingly and has now been promoted to a key worker. Overley Hall care about their staff and the management team are always there should you have a problem and also are constantly ensuring that staff know when they have done well, offering praise to staff to ensure moral is high amongst the team.

Great place to work

This is my first job in care and I have no previous experience, so I’m still learning a lot! I am so glad I changed my career I enjoy being a support worker so much. It is long hours, which can be expected working in residential care, and days can be challenging but it is so rewarding to be a part of the young people’s lives here, no day is a dull day. Each day brings different challenges to keep you on your toes! Staff here are lovely and made me feel welcome and helped me to settle in, I can always ask questions and get help from those around me when needed my seniors and management are great always there to help or offer support. I’m glad I made the career change and happy to be part of the team.

Work hard, progress!

Since joining Overley, I have completed my induction programme, my level 3 and hope to be enrolled onto my level 5 as I wish to progress further. I have gained so much knowledge during my level 3 qualification and I can honestly say I have never been invested in like I have here.

If you get your head down and work hard, the company will invest so much in their staff.

It’s not a greedy organisation where they want kids in and out for profit, each child is here because they fit and will do well here.

Amazing place of work

As a returning employee, I have found that Overley Hall is a completely different place. Both staff and management have a better relationship, which makes the working environment much more enjoyable. Management are now a lot more approachable and understanding with all situations. The young people are of course the top priority but staff’s well-being is also important. It is a very rewarding job seeing the young people progress on a daily basis. Overley Hall gives you a fantastic opportunity to progress in the care sector. Overall a fantastic, enjoyable place to work.

I was always interested in entering the care industry and when I was given the chance to apply for Overley Hall, I jumped at the chance. I applied in May 2020 and got a response fairly quickly. The interview was limited to a video call due to the global pandemic but my interviewers were very accommodating and they matched my enthusiasm about getting started as soon as possible. Background checks were the only delaying factor.

I started working in June 2020 and I haven’t looked back since. The whole team really did help me through the daunting prospect of looking after young people with learning difficulties. From my fellow support workers up to the higher reaches of management, I was made to feel welcome.

All the vital Procedures and Policies were explained to me very thoroughly and I was given quite a bit of one-to-one time with Senior Care Workers and Team Leaders whether it be scheduled supervisions to address any questions or concerns I might have developed.

As for the day-to-day job role, I cannot really do it justice with words. You’re able to use your creative side to come up with activities to entertain the young people and empower them to develop skills and find their own voices, so to speak, as a lot of the young people are non-verbal.

The current global situation has limited the amount of outings we can realistically go on with the young people. But hearing about past outings and excursions that my colleagues have experienced is very encouraging and it gives me and future applicants something to look forward too.

The workplace culture is very good, everybody is helpful which is great. But most importantly, it does seem like there are diverse personalities who I am happy to work with.

I have now been enrolled on a Level 4 National Diploma and it is being paid for by the company. There is a whole host of courses, be it online or an external instructor coming in to deliver content.

I am really enjoying my time at Overley Hall and I would recommend anyone to consider it, should the opportunity arise.